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  Alex Manga is a 35 year veteran of MX racing and has been teaching MX techniques and strategies to many of today’s outstanding MX performers: Jordan Smith, Jacob Williamson, Joey Cartwright, Jacob Edison. Manga is currently in the process of developing his own personal MX prodigy; Michael Manga, formal national number 22, currently a 250 B class contender, and pro-am hopeful.Alex Manga is also a PhD candidate from a leading research university located in the Midwest (WMU). Manga has chosen a career path in evaluation and behavioral science and is currently a Program director of WMU’s Haworth College of Business.  
Manga Racing Schools

Manga Racing Academy's announces one day MX Class at Dutch Sport Park!


This is a rare one day training class to train with a master trainer.




Are you ready for 2016?

Get your racer the best and proven techniques in Motocross!

Get that instruction from a 42 year MX vet with over 12 years of full time MX training. College sports coaching experience and a PhD to boot!

Professor Manga will be at Lincoln Trail Motor Sports April 23/24 for 18 hours of training.

Your racer gets all the best technique instruction. Mental fitness. And Prof Manga will cover 2 segments of bike set up. Cost is only $325.00

Spots are limited and will fill early.



  • April 23/24. Loretta Lynn Camp I, Lincoln Trail Motorsports, Casey, IL
  • June 16,17,18. Loretta Lynn Camp II, Lincoln Trail Motorsports, Casey, IL
  • July 15, 16, 17. Loretta Lynn camp III. Lincoln Trail Motorsports, Casey, IL

Lincoln Trail is a training paradise with 2 tracks and 100+ acres of riding.

Matrix Media NY:NY: For Immediate Release; 11-25-2015

Manga Racing Academy’s announces partnership with Super coops riding facility located in Maybee, Mi., and Approximately 25 south of the metro Detroit area.

Super coops boasts a 1-1/2 mile track that is mainly sand with everything an outdoor track needs to be to prep and condition a serious motocrosser including multiple switchback corners laden with deep ruts and safe yet challenging jumps. The affords a unique opportunity to train and fits Manga’s 4S (Safety, Speed, Stability, Starts) program well.

Manga, a veteran Motocrosser spawn from the ranks of the Michigan Mafia, made more of a mark in Baseball than MX, yet has established a core following after 14 years of training throughout the United States. Using the grit and determination that has obviously sustained this MBA/PhD (ABD) card carrying scholar and former professional athlete to highest levels of achievement, has uniquely laced his program with methods and high standards which have been hard to beat by competitors according to online reviews. Guaranteeing his classes will push athletes to higher ground! Notable professional MX’ers carrying Manga’s stamp include; Jordan Smith (Team Geico Honda), Josh Cartwright (Suzuki USA).

Look for a complete schedule at, Super coops Facebook page, and the Manga Racing Academy’s face book page shortly after the New Year.
Book a school now with Professor Manga!

If you have 10 students and a good track to train at you can have a school of your own.


If you are the coordinator of the school your Kid(s) train for FREE!


To get the process started call alex at 269-625-1025.


"Alex –we have been to nearly every school in the country. Yours made the difference. hank you for a fantastic weekend!""-
"Alex, You do not even realize the effect you have on the children."
"Hey Alex, Thank you very much. As usual, you outdid yourself." 
"We would just like to say thank you to Alex and Chris! We really enjoyed the class and look forward to another."
"I write this not only say say thanks, but to tell anyone thinking of or considering signing up for your class, it was a great technical as well as informational course for the 5 to 11 yr old age group. I would say you build on the kids confidence level as well. "
"We were just blown away by Alex's ability to touch our son and get him to progress the way he did."
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What makes Manga  different?
  Plain and simple ... Coaching ability.  As a certified collegiate coach I have the latest training on techniques to motivate, instruct, and properly re-sequence your athletes riding ability
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What can my child expect?
  Your child will be taught the importance of proper braking, body positioning, throttle control, cornering skill building, cornering strategies, line selection ...
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When is a good time to go?
  Essentially, anytime you have a child that can ride a motorcycle, use the brakes, make it successfully around a track it is not too early to begin classes. If your rider has peaked or hit a plateau, it is a great time!
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"Alex –we have been to nearly every school in the country. Yours made the difference.
Thank you for a fantastic weekend!" -- Roger Wilkerson, Riverside CA

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